By completing and submitting this ‘Sell to Hunting Ground’ form, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of Hunting Ground’s Sell option, which are outlined below:
 By offering to sell your clothing items to Hunting Ground (the buyer), you (the seller) are representing that you have ownership of the items and the right to sell them.
Any clothing items accepted and paid for by Hunting Ground become the exclusive property of Hunting Ground.  As such, Hunting Ground as the new owner of the items owes no obligations to you or anyone else whatsoever in relation to the items. We cannot return or refund clothes once the exchange has been completed.
If your items are assessed as suitable for sale through Hunting Ground, and Hunting Ground is interested in buying them from you, you the seller are responsible for getting these items to Hunting Ground either by scheduling a drop off appointment or sending them to us via courier at the sellers cost
Hunting Ground will only agree to buy the items, and pay you for them after the actual items have been received and passed a final inspection by a trained Hunting Ground staff member, who will determine whether the items received meet Hunting Ground’s quality standards (including condition and cleanliness) and are true to the description and images you provided of the items. 
If upon our final inspection, your items are deemed fit for resale though Hunting Ground, we will pay you the agreed price of 35% of our assessed retail price (excluding the handling fees) by depositing the funds into your nominated bank account.
Our handling fees will be added to our assessed retail price of the items once they are available for sale in our store/online.  The handling fee is worked out to cover the extra costs of GST, online charges and transaction charges on items.  This fee may differ and change depending on the cost of these charges at the time.
If upon our final inspection, your items are not deemed fit for resale through Hunting Ground, we will give these items back to you on the spot. Items will not be accepted if they have faults, are not true to the description or photos provided, stained, unclean or have a bad odour.  Items must be cleaned and washed, unless new before Hunting Ground receives them.
Hunting Ground treats every buy/sell on a case by case basis.  We may negotiate with sellers or offer consignment depending on what you are selling.  This will be determined by the trained member of our team who oversees and assesses your sale.